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In TSD rallying, a team (driver and navigator) are given a set of route instructions that specify distances, speeds, intersections and other course changes. It is then the team's goal to follow those instructions exactly, ending up in the right place, at the right time. Sound too easy for you? 'Traps' are often added in the instructions to throw unwary navigators off course, and the time differences between winners often come down to mere seconds!

Simply put, TSD is a contest of driving precision, not speed. A TSD rally is run on regular roads at or below posted speed limits, and no specialized equipment is required - just a driver, navigator, and car (don't forget your stopwatch, calculator, and clipboard!).

The Utah Rally Group is bringing TSD rally to Utah in 2009. We plan to start with a short (<2 hrs), casual afternoon/evening series on fully paved roads, hoping to draw a wide crowd from autocrossers to classic car enthusiasts, daily drivers to hard-core racers. With enough interest, we hope to expand to longer, 'brisk' rallies running on many of the area's scenic gravel backroads.

Do you have experience running or organizing TSD rallies? Are you just interested in a new way to enjoy your car? Please contact us!

Photo © Alicia Luptak

Photo © Alicia Luptak

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