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RallyCross is the distilled-down essence of stage rally - simply put, it's the art of driving quickly on a loose surface.

A RallyCross course is typicaly set up on dirt, grass, or gravel. Courses are typically short and very twisty, placing an emphasis on car handling and skill, rather than outright speed. Drivers run the course one at a time, trying to be the fastest through the course. Since speeds are kept relatively low - averaging 45 mph, not to exceed 65-70 mph - it's a safe and inexpensive way to improve your driving and have fun too!

Want to actually see RallyCross? Check out our Pictures and Video section!

The Utah Region SCCA has been running RallyCross events for over eight years. Beginning in 2009, the Utah Rally Group has joined forces with the Utah Region SCCA in order to bring you a bigger and better-than-ever RallyCross Series! Details are currently being finalized, so check in here occasionally for the latest updates. We have a new class series coming to Utah that caters to modified street cars. Check back for more details soon!

What do I need to RallyCross?

Here's the bare minimum of what you'll need to run a RallyCross event in Utah:
  • Yourself, with a valid driver's license
  • A 'passenger vehicle' (no ATVs) - pretty much any Car or Truck will do, FWD, RWD, or AWD all work just fine. It doesn't have to be registered or street-legal, but will have to pass a thorough racing safety inspection, performed by a qualified inspector we provide at the event.
  • A Snell 1995 (SA95, M95, or K98) or better helmet. This includes more recent motorcycle helmets - however, if you can't find or borrow one, we do have a few loaners.
  • The determination to have a good time. Everybody starts out slowly when driving on loose surfaces. Any of our more experienced drivers will gladly ride along and provide pointers for improvement, and your times will improve drastically within a few events - that's a promise!

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Photo © Jaron Crocker

Photo © Brad Stevenson

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